Fellow raises $6.5M to help make managers in teams and people

Handling people is perhaps the most challenging thing most people might need to learn at the course of their professional lives — particularly since there’s no one’correct’ way to do it. But Ottawa-based startup Fellow is still hoping to ease the learning curve and improve and fortify the customs of ones using their people management platform software that is new.

Fellow has raised $6.5 million in seed funding, from shareholders including Inovia Capital, Felicis Ventures, Garage Capital and quite a few angels. The funding announcement comes together with the announcement of their first customers, such as Shopify (disclosure: I worked at Shopify when Fellow was executed and has been an early tester of the product, which explains why I can can speak to how it works for consumers ).

The Fellow system is basically a means to help team prospects interact with their accounts, and also vice versa. It’s a feedback tool you may use to gather insight in your team from across the business; it involves meeting supplemental hints and templates to get one-on-ones, and even provides useful suggestions like recommending you are in possession of a one-on-one when you haven’t in some time; and it lives in the cloud, with integrations for other key workplace software such as Slack that allow it to integrate with your current flow.

(*)Fellow co-founder and CEO Aydin Mirzaee and his co-founding team have past experience building businesses: They based Fluidware, a questionnaire software company, in 2008 and subsequently sold it to SurveyMonkey in 2014. In growing the team to over 100 individuals, Mirzaee states they realized where there were gaps, both in their own leadership group’s wisdom and in accessible alternatives on the industry.

“Beginning the last company, we’re in our ancient 20therefore, and such as the manner that we used to learn various techniques was by employing software, like if you apply exactly this Salesforce, and you also know nothing about sales, you’ll discover some things about earnings,” Mirzaee explained in a meeting. “In case you do not understand about advertising, use Marketo, and you’re going to discover a few things about marketing. As soon as we started having some traction and clients \hired a few individuals, we just got thrown in to it and you also know, from our standpoint\. Therefore that it was’Alright, today, I suppose we’re managers.’ And eventually we became more managers of managers.”

Fellow Team Photo 2019

(Decision )Mirzaee and his team then wondered why an instrument like Salesforce or even Marketo did not exist for management. “Why is it that when you get encouraged to become a supervisor, there is not an equivalent tool to help you with that?” He said.

Theory in hand, Fellow set out to build its applications, and exactly everything it came up with is a strategically designed, user-friendly system that’s accessible to anybody regardless of technical expertise or experience with management training and training. Because I was a manager using Fellow to direct a team during my time in Shopify — portion of this beta testing process that helped grow the product to something which’s ready for broader release I can attest for this firsthand\. I wasn’t alone Mirzaee stated, and that is a part of why they saw a very clear demand.

“The more people did study, the longer we figured out that of course, managers are extremely significant,” he explained. “70% of consumer engagements are due to supervisors, as an example. And when folks leave companies, they have a tendency to leave the manager, not the business. The more we dug into it the longer it was evident that there was this management problem —  direction catastrophe almost, which nobody actually had built a excellent tool for supervisors and their teams like.”

(*)Fellow’s tool is adaptable enough to work with specific management methodologies like setting SMART objectives or OKRs for team members, and managers can utilize pre-assembled templates or build their own for things like setting meeting speaking points, or gathering feedback from the coworkers of their reports.

Today, Fellow is live with a number of customers such as Shopify, Vidyard, Tulip, both North and much more, and it is adding new customers who sign up on a case-by-case foundation, but increasing the pace where it onboard new customers. Mirzaee explained that it expects to start sign ups entirely this year\.