Glint announces enhancements to people success platform to develop stronger leaders

Today, Glint, a pioneer in employee engagement acquired by LinkedIn, announced three new supervisor empowerment capabilities to assist leaders flourish and make happy and motivated teams. Developed with Glint’s AI-for-HR™and real-time engagement technologies, these new attributes eliminate tedious manual analysis, mechanically find patterns, and also identify a supervisor most Important areas of opportunity to make more engaged groups:

  • Personalized guidance: Manager Concierge™ offers step-by-step guidance, taking into account the actions a manager has already taken and creating smart recommendations for what actions they should take following to help their teams become successful.

  • Actionable summary of strength and opportunities\Managers receive a personalized, easy, and highly actionable summary of their most powerful qualities and best increase opportunities as a supervisor.
  • A framework for improving as a team: To simplify the often intimidating job of acting on feedback, managers can now utilize a three-step frame, the ACT Conversation guide, to facilitate frequent, ongoing conversations with their own teams\. By following the conversation prompts of”Acknowledging in which we are”,”Collaborating on which we want to go”, and”Taking one step forward” together, supervisors can enable much better quality conversations that lead to better team outcomes and sustainable action-taking.


New supervisors focused on developing stronger connections and teams may further develop their own abilities through LinkedIn Learning.  The best two classes are currently Transitioning From Manager to Leader along with Coaching and Developing Employees.

Impactful, continuing conversations are at the center of Glint’s vision for the future of work. The part of the supervisor in the performance and participation process is important, and \embracing real time, focused insights will fuel conversation regarding expansion, performance, and priorities. Know more.