Hulu’s Original Movie ‘Palm Springs’ Is Must-Watch Summer Entertainment

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If the feeling of being stuck in a never-ending time-loop resonates with you right now….well, let’s just say you’re not alone. Sure, the days may feel like they’re blending together more and more as the months of quarantine pass by, but there’s at least one small silver lining in all of this. We’re in it together, which makes it at least a little bit more bearable.

And, wouldn’t ya know it, that’s almost the exact premise of Hulu‘s new original movie Palm Springs, a surreal romantic comedy about a young man stuck in a time-loop, and a friendly stranger that ends up getting accidentally trapped in it along with him.

Of course, you’ll need a Hulu subscription to watch it. Thankfully, you can snag a 30-day free trial to Hulu’s ad-supported plan right now and watch it for free. It’s also worth mentioning that the subscription is only $5.99 a month after that trial period ends, so there’s really no reason not to jump on this bandwagon.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons you’re absolutely going to want to watch this movie.

Calling all Lonely Island & Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans: Andy Samberg is back to rock your world 

That’s right — our favorite former SNL goofball takes the male lead in this film, bringing that familiar wackiness to the role that we’ve come to love and expect from him. Though, honestly, how else would you deal with reliving the same day in Palm Springs again and again?

Seriously, though, that’s this poor guys fate: Samberg’s character Nyles wakes up every day only to find himself at the exact same wedding with a girlfriend he’s just not that into. And he’s been stuck in this never-ending wedding day….for a while, all by himself. Don’t worry, though — he won’t be alone for long! When the equally unhappy maid of honor, Sarah, accidentally gets stuck in the time-loop as well, the two must contemplate an endless existence together.

And a little something for the How I Met Your Mother fans out there

Oh, yeah, the female lead packs a familiar punch too — played by Cristin Milioti, aka THE MOTHER of Ted Mosby’s kids, Sarah is the bored black sheep of the family who’s only in town to (reluctantly) be in the wedding party. After she’s rescued from a wedding toast gone wrong by our not-quite-hero, she becomes drawn to Nyles and his offbeat nihilism. Naturally, things start to go sideways pretty quickly, and she ends up joining him in his own endless Palm Springs purgatory.

The themes…resonate 

After realizing they’re both trapped in a time-loop, (despite MANY attempts at escaping it) Sarah and Nyles have to grapple with the idea that “normal” no longer exists for them and nothing…really matters. Feel…familiar? Yeahhh, we thought so. And if you’re worried that might hit a little too close to home right now, don’t be — this dynamic duo learn to find joy in the little things and begin wreaking spirited havoc on the never-ending wedding celebration, and, maybe, find even greater meaning in their time spent together.

This ain’t your classic romantic comedy

Sure, a cliche rom-com premise can be comforting every now and then, but this movie takes the romantic comedy genre and turns it on its head. Set against the backdrop of a wedding, the film obviously dabbles with things like love and commitment, but not in the way you think. You can’t help but root for the odd couple in question, and it even raises the question: what does forever look like when you’re literally stuck in it? Perhaps it’s who you’re stuck with that makes the difference.

This is one movie you truly cannot miss, and you don’t have to — you can watch for free right now with a 30-day trial to Hulu. Slather on that sunscreen and get ready to take a virtual vacay to Palm Springs! You just…might not be able to, you know, leave.

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By Lauren Feller

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