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Have any of you seen the film North? ) Roger Ebert stated,”North is a bad film — one of the worst films ever made” (and Siskel consented ). I admit that I enjoyed it. It’s about a kid who adores his parents that he also have prospective new parents attempt to punish him and can be a free agent. I think that the reason that so many people found the movie so distasteful was that North, the principal character, has a very good life–which makes light of the fact that there are many real-life kids who actually may use legal support to get out of truly terrible conditions. Luckily, there’s a organization to help them. It is called the Juvenile Law Center. They’re a Philadelphia, PA established non-profit that”plays a leadership role nationally and in Pennsylvania in forming and utilizing the law on behalf of kids in the child welfare and justice systems to encourage equity, prevent harm, protected access to suitable services, and guarantee a smooth transition from adolescence to adulthood.”

Justice for Juveniles

Many of those kids that the Juvenile Law Center functions are between the ages of 10 and 21–the ages in which you need to bear a responsibility for your own actions but you are not an adult yet. The goal is to”apply and promote the rights and well-being” of these kids if they”come into contact with the justice, child welfare and other public systems.” That the current initiatives of the JLC include Ensuring Access to Opportunities and Services and Systems Involvement, Promoting Fairness in the Courts, Improving Outcomes for Court-Involved Youth, also Minimizing Court. The JLC has a comprehensive docket of litigation they’re partaking in on behalf of youngsters. If standing up for children in jeopardy sounds like rewarding function to you, visit the Careers page of the JLC. Now they’re Searching for a Communications and Marketing Associate and a Development Associate.

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