LinkedIn Detroit has a new home

Back in October 2017, LinkedIn combined the thriving small business community from Detroit, MI. While we began this journey in a temporary space, our goal was to find and open a new and permanent office at which we could grow and eventually become a part of the community. Today we’re excited to be opening the doors of the new office 1515 Woodward Ave.  

The new office combines two historic buildings: the Sanders building and Grinnell Brothers building, into one new open space. For individuals who grew up in and around Detroit, Grinnell Brothers titles and the Sanders are known, therefore when imagining this new space would look like, we all knew we wanted it to be authentic, highly functional, and pertinent. Local leaders and artists helped bring the building’s history in particulars small and big to life\. If you walk in the office, you’ll find a reception area which was motivated by the design of a piano, which Grinnell Brothers were known for selling and producing. In different fields of the office you’ll find images that take the mind paying homage to the confectionaries that were made there. Entering the floor workspace a series of car grilles greets you mounted along the lobby wall using the words’BUILT HERE’ painted over them emphasizing the birthplace of creation. While our design honors the terrific history of this area, we also included a few modern conveniences including barista lounge, a café space, and parent room.

We made an informed choice to invest in Detroit because we believe it presents a unique opportunity to hire top talent and be part of an exciting economic journal. This new office gives us a chance to marry the uniquely strong culture together with the dynamic talent of Detroit of LinkedIn to generate opportunity it’s workforce and town, and our firm\. We understand talent exists and we all believe that we may play a significant role in helping to level the playing area and further democratize access to tasks for high talent in Detroit.  

Over 80% of our employees at work are in the Detroit area and it is important to people to continue to actively invest in the local community through our signature partnerships and applications. Since first coming to Detroit we’ve partnered with Midnight Golf Program (MGP), an organization which helps local youth receive a strong start in their professional travels and more lately with Future Project — a nationwide program having a presence in Detroit that encourages young people in discovering their power and dreaming big. We are currently looking forward to identifying opportunities to encourage economic opportunity and are excited to develop partnerships with organizations in the years ahead.