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When there’s a skill that’s necessary across all kinds of jobs, its capability communicate effectively. While communication is an art that can unquestionably be educated and developed, when you are using the proper tools, it’s much easier to nurture. Why work communication tools have always been a huge organization that is. Some of the trends have been in the kind of chat gear and project management. But what about tools for those that are employed in tasks that may require something like a walkie-talkie? A bit may have changed these tasks, but there is more space for technologies. That’s the reason Lua was set in 2010. They are a New York, NY based company that is centered on”enabling mobile workforces by providing them access to both people and information they should find the task done by the area or the workplace.”

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(*)Lua is named for a two,000 year old Hawaiian martial art. Warriors”trained at the dark of night, creating a type of silent communication through warfare which allowed them to move as you can.” Lua is hoping to recreate that kind of communicating with their messaging program\. Lua stands out As you might think that iMessage text messages are still great enough. It helps folks get work done better, although it may not be the newest chat program that the teens are using. Check out the Jobs page of Lua, if that sounds interesting. They’re looking for a Marketing a Full-Stack Engineer & Business Development Intern, plus a Designer.

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