One in three professionals in India are ‘career sleepwalking’: LinkedIn study

India, March 26, 2019: Now professionals in India are shifting jobs and careers more than ever before and the days of a linear career path or lifelong employment in a business are no longer the norm. LinkedIn’s new Career Pathways poll finds that one in three Indian professionals feel as though they ‘ are’career sleepwalking’ – they believe stagnant like they’re on a treadmill going nowhere, and 57% might consider career pivoting so as to construct a more fulfilling career. But, an impact on their pay packets and designation would be deterring close to 51percent of professionals in making the switch.

Today’s professional areas higher value on doing exactly what they love as a career option (73%), followed with a healthy work-life balance (70percent ), a job which makes them a lot of money (57%), and eventually 56percent of respondents say that a job which offers growth and learning opportunities can also be important.

Even though 62% professionals had picked their careers since it is something they have always wanted to do, 53percent chose their own professions as it fulfils themand just 38% state they picked it as it leaves them a great deal of money.

The first Career Pathways India survey by LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, surveyed more than five,000 full-time professionals across 11 cities in India, on how career paths are rapidly altering, what motivates different generations to remain in their existing occupation, why they are increasingly enthusiastic on pivoting purposes and industries, and that which they think will take them closer to their dream job.

“The Career Pathways India poll has surfaced some intriguing insights — that the highlight being the today’s professionals need a lot more fulfilment in their occupations and careers, and wish to be permitted to change roles and sectors. The LinkedIn platform is therefore perfectly poised to assist the modern day Indian professional build and access a strong professional community, and locate diverse economic opportunity and fulfilment,” said Mahesh Narayanan, Country Head – India, LinkedIn.


Younger professionals more open to change61percent Millennials would consider changing careers

In terms of job stickiness, professionals ‘ are job-hopping greater than previously. One in 3 Millennials (33percent ) has had two tasks over the past five years, in contrast to one in five Gen X respondents (20percent ). Half of Gen Z respondents (50percent ) were at their final job only for six months to a year, and 28percent of Gen Z respondents will probably change their job less than a year, the report says.

While job jumping one of professionals has improved, the motives for changing careers and occupations differs throughout generations. More than a third of Gen X respondents appreciate the existence of apparent career trajectory in their existing occupation, compared to just under one in five Baby Boomer respondents (19%).

older specialists are considerably more open to change, and also so are talking change with their managers, especially if it gives them greater opportunity for learning and development. Almost 61% of Millennials say they’d consider changing careers in contrast to only 18% of Baby Boomers, and just two in five (41%) Millennials state their existing job makes them feel uneasy , they can’t be themselves or else they are happy to be off from it. Millennials at 44. 91% revealed the maximum likelihood of changing companies while contemplating a career shift, in comparison to 34. 19% of Gen Z’ers, that are more inclined to switch job functions while considering a career change. In general, throughout centuries, 44% of respondents stated they would consider changing employers versus 30% respondents who would consider shifting job purposes (e.g. marketing to product direction ).


A strong network and the perfect skills will lead them to their own dream project

Pros today want to get greater control over their career courses, and thus it is not a surprise that 86% respondents seem to get a transparent 5-year career plan in sight. Findings also certainly suggest that the professional has been currently redefining their career path to move to their dream job. Passion has become more significant for the professional, skills and learning take on a new relevance, while pay has ever been a motivator, and knowing the proper connections creates the bedrock of the success.

According to this poll, the current professional looks future-ready for its changing expert landscape using 80percent of respondents thinking that their present skill set allows them to pivot easily without compromising in their pay packet and designation. Nearly 79% of respondents think their present organisation permits them to livelihood internally with Learning & Development modules, internships, coaching and training programs in place.

A strong community and knowing the correct people is voted as the secret to getting closer to a dream occupation with a majority 76% of respondents. The right skills (65%), and having access to and understanding about the correct chances (46%) can help them get closer to their dream job. At the same time, the passion-driven specialist of today would make daring trade-offs to locate success. In the survey, 56percent of respondents state they’d provide up work-life equilibrium due to their dream job while some other 54percent would give a large pay packet.  


LinkedIn commissioned independent market research firm Censuswide to conduct this research with 5, 5 26 Indian professionals at full-time work involving 07. 03. 2019 – 18. 03. 2019. So as to genuinely understand the career trajectory of their average working Indian, the poll talked to respondents in four generations: Gen Z (22 years and below), Millennials (23 – 38 decades ), Gen X (39 – 54 years) and Baby Boomers (55 years and above). The poll has been conducted across 11 cities – Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Pune, Surat and Visakhapatnam.