Update gives Clients control over Customer Data Platform

The Client Data Platform (CDP) has been getting a great deal of attention in marketing software circles over the last year as large dawgs like Salesforce and Adobe enter the fray, but Amperity, a Seattle-based startup, was constructing a CDP alternative since it launched in 2016, and now it announced some updates to give clients more control over this system.

Chris Jones, chief product officer at Amperity, states this is an important measure for the startup. “If you consider the development of our business, we began with a concept that turned into a [Marketing Data Platform], that was the motor that powered all of that, but that engine was largely controlled by our delivery team. We are now putting the power of the engine into the customers’ hands and providing them the full access to that,” Jones explained.

That is giving customers — including Alaska Airlines, Nordstrom and The Gap — the power to control the way the software works in the context of their businesses, instead of utilizing a black box approach where you have to use the software as presented. He states that clients want the capability to begin using the machine to obtain insights on their own\.

One of the key pieces in the newest version of Amperity to allow them to do that is Stitch, a tool that lets users pull together each of the interactions from a customer in one view —  ingesting the information, sorting, deduplicating it and bringing a record of all of the interactions a new has had using a specified client. From that point, they could make use of the new Customer 360 visualization to acquire a more graphic view of their information.

Amperity Stitch 2019

Amperity Stitch Screenshot: Amperity.

Jones says firms can utilize this data to help unique groups within a business, whether marketing, sales or support, know the customer better prior to or during a meeting. A marketer may segment the data in a really granular way to discover the regular customers who aren’t part of the company loyalty program all, and deliver them an email.

Amperity started in 2016, and has raised $37 million over two rounds. Its most recent funding arrived in 2017, a $28 million investment led by Tiger Global Management, based on Crunchbase data.