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I do not watch a lot of YouTube, however, I go on occasional binges. The majority of the men and women who have been”YouTube famous” frighten the hell out of me, however I do have a single favorite. It is The Food Reviewer… he does”testimonials on the YouTube… you never knew such a cool dude…” I don’t have any idea why I love watching a high school kid review packed snack foods, but I do. Anyhow, YouTube stars like The Food Reviewer (not certain if he is a star however with 17k followers) should do whatever they can to capitalize on their popularity. That’s where Victorious comes from. They are a Santa Monica, CA based startup that is”inspired by the struggle of uniting the world’s most creative communities.” To put it differently, they assist so they can make the most of the attention that they receive their platforms are built by stars\.

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One of my favorite posts about internet content is named Digital Sharecropping. The assumption is that you drop a good deal of command when you get started articles about other people’s sites. They make more money off of your handwork than you can\. By providing creators their apps and platforms to achieve fans victorious desires to terminate this phenomenon. Victorious’ site does not offer that information yet, which means you are better off reading this Techcrunch post to \understand the company. The end goal isn’t to replace websites like YouTube and Instagram but rather to give creators a much better way to catch the value they create. If this sounds intriguing, see with Victorious’ Careers webpage. They’re Choosing also a Software Engineer, a Platform Operations & Support Associate, a Javascript UI Developer, along with also a Designer — Test\.
They also have a few \senior positions on the company side. Use their General Interest program if you don’t find anything that suits you.

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