Vulcan Cyber Declares $10M Series A to automate Safety patching efforts

Many applications vulnerabilities are currently known, and vendors have issued spots, but the issue is that there are many patches that it is often difficult for organizations to keep up. Reduce exposure to dangers, and vulcan Cyber would like to help by bringing a level of automation into the performance\.

Now , it announced a 10 million Series A round from Ten Eleven Ventures along with YL Ventures .

In a typical situation, safety researchers locate vulnerabilitiesthat the vendors disclose them and patch them. From there it is up to individual organizations to take good care of downloading and installing the patch, however Vulcan Cyber co-founder and CEO Yaniv Bar-Dayan states the amount of patches has been rising at a furious rate with 6000 patches in (******************), 16,000 in 2017 and 18,000 last year. And that expansion trajectory is ongoing this season, he states.

(Decision )Vulcan’s ultimate mission is to aid companies remediate security vulnerabilities in their infrastructure. They do so by bringing a degree of automation into this process. “We automate the process of prioritization and deployment to purify more vulnerabilities quicker,” Bar-Dayan explained. What is more, he explained that Vulcan does this while reducing risk and costs\.

Highest risk packages

Vulcan Cyber danger prioritization view. Screenshot: Vulcan Cyber

The company raised a $4 million seed around last year, bringing the total raised to $14 million so far. As TechCrunch’s Frederic Lardinois pointed out while composing about that seed round, it is equipped to achieve this level of automation, even while working with all the tools programmers and security teams typically work with anyway.

“Vulcan Cyber plays well with each of the significant cloud platforms, in addition to tools such as Puppet, Chef and Ansible, as well as GitHub and Bitbucket. Additionally, it integrates with numerous major safety testing tools and vulnerability scanners, including Black Duck, Nessus, Fortify, Tripwire, Checkmarx, Rapid7 and Veracode,” Lardinois wrote.

The company was founded last year and has 25 workers. It intends to continue building its engineering staff from this around with the money in Israel, in addition to opening an office in San Francisco for sales, marketing and client success.

Vulcan Cyber raises $4M because of its vulnerability remediation platform